Orthotics/ Gait assessment

Biomechanical issues are often the cause of gradual onset pain and injury

During your physiotherapy assessment we may look at how you move and if this is contributing to your injury.

Orthotics are devices that are placed in your shoes, boots or runners. They correct abnormal biomechanics that can cause stress, strain and injury. When you walk the first point of contact with the ground is your feet. If the foot rolls too far one way or the other, this causes a chain reaction up your lower limb, into your hip and into your lower back. This chain reaction can cause the body to compensate for the misalignment which can be the cause of pain in any area of the lower limb and back.

Orthotics/ Gait assessment

We offer both temporary and custom-made orthotic devices depending on your requirements and budget. If you present with an injury, a temporary orthotic may be all that is required for a short period of time to offload the injured or overworked area in order to allow the tissues to recover. Once pain resolves and function is restored then these devices are often no longer required. Custom made devices are a more permeant solution to ongoing problems. They are a more expensive but more robust option. We can discus the merits of both during your assessment

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We are back open for face to face consultations in line with HSE Recommendations.

For your safety you will be required to wear a mask for the duration of your treatment.

We will be following all recommendations regarding sterilisation of equipment and hand washing.