ACL Rehab

This rehab class is aimed at people who have undergone ACL reconstruction surgery and those who want to rehab conservatively without surgery after an ACL sprain. This small class (quota of 4 people) is led by a Chartered Physiotherapist, who will adapt every program to suit one’s stage of rehab and ability.

If the ACL has been torn, one of the main problems experienced is weakness and instability of the knee and is known as an unstable knee. This may feel as if the knee is about to ‘give way ‘. Your rehabilitation programme with Physio Solutions aims to restore pre injury function by increasing muscle strength in and around your knee, ankle and hip joints. Treatment also aims to improve joint proprioception (balance), control, power and endurance.

When to start ACL Rehab: 

Pre-operative physiotherapy is recommended immediately after you have suffered an ACL injury as this will help better prepare your knee for surgery. The aim of physiotherapy treatments before your surgery is to regain as much range of movement in the joint as possible, reduce swelling, reduce pain and achieve full or near to full weight bearing. Additional strengthening of muscles in other joints including your hip and your ankle joint is also necessary to account for the loss of function in your knee.
The main aim of treatment in the early stages after ACL surgery is to reduce pain, swelling, restore full range of motion and your ability to weight bear. Once you have completed this early stage of your Physiotherapy treatment, it is a suitable time to join the ACL Rehab class.

In the long term after you have had ACL surgery, Physio Solutions aims for you to return to your pre injury condition using exercises specific to your job, hobbies and sporting activities.

This group class consistently achieves excellent results for our clients. This is supported by the post-operative testing performed at Santry Sports surgery clinic where our clients consistently achieve excellent results having undergone our rehabilitation program. Our aim is to get you stronger and more robust that you were before you injured your knee not just back to the same level.

Class Timetable

Due to Covid 19 restrictions these classes are no longer taking place. You can register your interest for booking when these classes resume.

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We are back open for face to face consultations in line with HSE Recommendations.

For your safety you will be required to wear a mask for the duration of your treatment.

We will be following all recommendations regarding sterilisation of equipment and hand washing.