Chronic pain

Chronic pain Relief

We see many different patients who are experiencing chronic pain. Many have had this pain for many years and it can be caused from a variety of conditions such as low back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, disc or nerve pain. Regardless of the cause there are similar effects that chronic pain has on a person’s physical and mental state. Physically and understandably they avoid activities that cause pain. This leads to general de-conditioning, reduced muscle strength and fitness and in turn can actually cause more pain. They may be unable to work due to their pain or unable to partake in sports or social activities that they used to because of the pain or because of the fear that doing so may cause their pain to become worse and cause further injury. 

This fear of movement can be very damaging in the long term and can affect a person’s ability to live a full and active life. This also has profound effects on a person’s mental state as they can feel worthless. Anxiety and depression are common in people with chronic pain. Many people have become disillusioned as they have tried a variety of treatment and drugs aimed at reducing pain. These may give a short-term reduction in symptoms but in the long term the pain returns. They often are desperate to have relief from their symptoms and they have tried many different treatments, potions and lotions but the pain returns. 

Here at Physio Solutions we understand how chronic pain works. We aim to address both the physical elements and the psychological elements that can contribute to a person’s pain experience. A person’s beliefs around their pain can have a big effect on treatment success so we look at all these factors and beliefs. For these conditions a holistic and longer-term approach is needed and we can help to guide our patients through this rehabilitation process.

Chronic pain


We many not always be able to get rid of your pain completely but what we can certainly do is get you functioning at a level that better than where you are now. Firstly, we do a complete physical examination and we may address some of the more immediate issues to allow for some short-term pain reduction. We may use massage, manipulation, dry needling or other therapies to do this. Once the pain has decreased, we aim to switch to a more longer-term focus on improving your ability to function during normal activities without pain. This is done through exercise therapy. We can do personalised programs or group classes depending on your condition or preference. This may include back pain rehab class, gym based strengthening or Clinical Pilates can help to build strength and resilience. 

Through all of this exercise-based rehabilitation it is important to monitor pain levels and gradually increase your tolerance, without aggravating your condition. This balancing of increasing exercise levels and not increasing pain requires patients and an individual tailored approach.

Some websites that you may find useful if you suffer from chronic pain are;

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